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(Affiliated with the North Cheshire Junior Cricket Association)

Rules for season 2015 alterationsare in red text

1          Age Limit

Players in all matches of the 2015 competition shall be under 18 years old on 1st September 2014. If it is proved to both clubs that a side has fielded a player outside these limits then that club will forfeit any points gained from the match and losing opponents awarded 8 points.

A player may not play for more than one club during the season without the agreement of the clubs concerned. All players must be a bona fide member of that club.

 2          Provision of Playing Equipment

Each team shall provide its own full regulation size ball and playing equipment. E.C.B. guidelines on the wearing of helmets by junior players shall be followed.


3          Competition Structure

 The competition will be played in 3 divisions decided by geographical region.  The top teams from each division will progress to the semi-final stage, with the three second placed teams playing-off to decide who shall be the 4th semi-finalist.  The play-off winning team will proceed to be the fourth semi-finalist.

 The 2nd place-play-offs, are to be played in late July / August. The semi-finals and final will played on the same day, the first Sunday in September.

 League matches shall be played mid-week i.e. Monday to Friday.  Re-arranged rain-affected fixtures, shall be as agreed between the two clubs. Clubs are not expected to play on a bank holiday – but may do if BOTH agree.

If teams finish level on points in their region the result of the fixture between the sides will decide the final positions, if teams are still level then it will be decided on net run-rate as per the results secretary. If play-off matches result in a tie the team losing fewer wickets shall be the winner. If this is equal then the tie will be decided on the faster scoring rate after half the allotted overs, then fewer wickets lost in half the allotted overs.  If play is not possible in the knockout stages or no result is achieved, the match will be decided by a bowl-out according to the ECB rules in Appendix 1.

4          Duration of matches

The matches shall consist of 1 innings for each team, limited to 20 six-ball overs. No bowler may bowl more than 4 overs. A batsman shall retire after scoring 50 runs and shall return only once all the batsmen in his team, on the day are also out.  This shall still apply should a team field less than eleven men.  At the discretion of the umpires a game can be agreed to be reduced to 15 six-ball overs, maximum 3 overs per bowler. All league games to start no later than 6.30 p. m.  A team not ready at 6.30 p.m. shall forfeit the toss.  The normal rules of cricket will be observed.

No fielder, except the wicketkeeper may field within 11 yards of middle stump except behind the wicket on the off-side.


5          Points

Clubs flouting the rules will have 2 points deducted!

 Clubs failing to fulfill any fixture shall lose 2 points and 8 points shall be awarded to their opponents.

    • Win 8 points

    • Bonus points: only to losers

      • Bonus points: - Batting 1 point at 75 runs and a second point at 100 runs.
      • Bowling 1 point at 4 wickets and a second point at 8 wickets. 

Non fulfilled games

      • 8 points to non guilty team

      • - 2 points to guilty team

    • Tie (level scores irrespective of fallen wickets)  As per Appendix 2:

      Matches may be rearranged to a differing week ONLY in the case of a match cancelled or abandoned due to weather.

 If two clubs agree to play the defined game fixture, - DURING THE SAME WEEK BUT ON A DIFFERING NIGHT, this is considered acceptable within the spirit of (a) the rules, (b) the game, and (c) so as to provide cricket for players.  The match MAY NOT re-arranged to be played in a differing week.

 For weeks 1 ~ 8; weather affected matches, the home team shall within 7 days of the initial date, offer the opponents 2 alternative dates for a re-arrangement of the fixture.  These two dates shall not clash with the visitors existing confirmed fixtures – only in this league.  The visitors shall accept one of the dates, within 72 hours of receiving the two options. 

 If either team does not meet its respective commitment it shall sacrifice the game and lose points.

For weeks 9 and 10 weather affected games the teams shall settle for a draw and 4 points each. The latest playing date shall be no later than the fourth Friday in July.

Correspondence about rearrangements, shall be confirmed in writing to a minimum of two separate persons ofthe respective club.

6          Subscription Fees & Fines "re-entering"

A deposit of £30 is required to be maintained to cover possible future fines.  Team fees are not payable, but new clubs or those clubs re-entering, shall pay an entry fee of £ 30.  Deposits will only be returned on request - otherwise the deposit is held over for the following season,Any outstanding fines not paid by the end of February 2015, shall render the club ineligible to compete in the competition.

 Reporting: the home club shall report a result before 12 noon on the Monday immediately after the fixture.  If a club shall fail to do this, for the second instance it will be fined £10.

If this occurs again following the second instance, by the same club, each fine will be £20, for each subsequent instance.


7          Reporting of results

This shall be made by the home team, via email, as follows: -

  • Shall be issued within 48 hours of the match being played – to reduce the build-up of reports near to the cut-off time, but not later than 12.00 noon on the Monday following the week of the fixture to:  Reports issued later than this will be late.

  • Each report shall define: (i) week number, (ii) team names, (iii) runs scored, (iv) wickets taken, and (v) points awarded for each team.

  • Rained off matches shall still be reported and make clear if the game is to be rearranged or whether the teams have settled for sharing the points.

  • Each incomplete or erroneous report: shall be fined the same as a late report.


    8          Dress Code

Member clubs are requested to ensure their team wear white. E.C.B. guidelines on the wearing of helmets must be followed.

 9          Return of Trophies:

The previous year’s trophy winner(s), shall ensure the return of each item, to the competition organizer, by not later than the end of June.  The onus shall be on the club’s under 18s representative to have each trophy returned to the organizer.


Bowl Out Rules for knockout matches ONLY

 Should play not be possible or no result is achieved the match will be decided by the teams bowling at the stumps to determine the winners, unless it is possible to re-arrange the match on a mutually agreed date which must be on or before the last date laid down for the playing of that Round.

 The bowl out shall be organized as follows:

i)              The umpires (one provided by each team) shall be in charge, and their decision shall be final.  One shall stand at the bowlers end to check for no balls, one at square leg to check the bowler’s action for throwing and re-instate the wicket should it be broken. The captains shall toss a coin for the right to decide which team bowls the first or second delivery in the bowl out.

 ii)            Each side will bowl eleven deliveries (subject to v) below) each at a wicket (conforming to Law 8) from a wicket pitched at a distance of 22 yards with, if practicable, bowling, popping and return creases marked (conforming to Law 9). Bowl outs may take place on the prepared wicket, the outfield, an artificial surface, or on an area agreed by both team managers and the umpires.  The nets may be used for bowl-out purposes.

iii)            If a bowler bowls an illegal ball it will count as a delivery but will not count towards the score of the team. An illegal delivery is described in Law 24.

iv)           A full set of stumps, including bails, will be pitched at both ends of the designated pitch. The bowlers will all bowl from the same end.

v)            No bowler may bowl more than 1 delivery. If a side does not have 11 players then it foregoes its full eleven attempts.  Teams will bowl one delivery each alternately.

vi)           The side, which bowls down the wicket (as defined in Law 28.1a) the most times, shall be the winner. If the scores are equal, the same players will bowl one ball each alternately, in the same order as for the initial deliveries to achieve a result on a ‘sudden death’ basis.

vii)          The same suitably acceptable ball (not a new one) will be used by both teams. If this ball becomes wet, it may be changed subject to the umpires’ approval.

viii)          Each side will appoint a wicket-keeper from their 11 players to stand behind the wicket but out of reach of the stumps for each delivery.

ix)           The players used in the bowl out shall be the same 11 players as selected for the game. 


Knock out Phase:
In the event of a tie the team losing the least wickets shall be winner.

    • In the event there is still a tie the highest score at the end of the 19th over will be the winner. This count back process will continue with scores at the end of the 18th and subsequent overs until a winner can be declared.

    • Matches terminated by weather will be decided on run rate provided that 10 overs have been completed in the second innings.


Tied matches:


If there is a tie by the end of the match, it shall be broken with a one over "eliminator".

  • Each of the two teams nominate three (3)batsmen and one(1) bowler.
  • The captains toss up to decide who chooses to bat or field first
  • If a team loses two (2) wickets before the over is complete they lose the game, if this does not happen the team with the highest score wins.
  • In the case of a tied score the team with the highest number of 6's in its full innings wins the game, if there is still a tie, the team with the highest number of 4's scored shall be declared the winner.




18s Knockout Champions 







Runners Up


Winnington Park

Crewe Rolls Royce



Crewe Rolls Royce


Oulton Park/Bunbury



Winnington Park

Bunbury/Oulton Park


Chester BH



Winnington Park









Northop Hall







Chester BH



Chester BH